Find your tribe.

I have been blessed to have a fabulous family and community around me throughout this time. I have been helped and supported by so many friends both old and new. There is no way I could have coped with everything without them, but no matter how much they love you and want to help, there … More Find your tribe.

3 years

On Thursday it was 3 years since D took his life, we didn’t want to be home so we went away for 5 days. Being in another country helped on the day, we relaxed and shopped and Mr 11 swam in the pool and I thought – take that grief! I’ve got you! But grief … More 3 years


This week it will be 3 years. It feels almost unbelievable that it has been that long, part of me is impressed that we have survived and another part is desperately sad that we have had to. I chose to commemorate the date, I acknowledge that I couldn’t deal with my normal life that day … More Anniversaries