This week the world was saddened to hear of the death of Soundgarden front man by suicide. It shocked all the people who seem surprised that depression and mental health issues can even touch the rich and famous but that is the thing about depression, it doesn’t care how rich you are or how famous, … More Denial

The grief police.

As soon as your spouse died you are given a handy book on how to grieve appropriately. It lists handy tips like how long you can burst into tears in public, how often you should smile in the first year, when you should first go to the shops,get your hair/nails/done, go on a holiday, laugh … More The grief police.


Being lonely is not the private realm of the widowed, everyone has experienced it at some stage. Most of us remember being lonely in the school yard when we felt like we had no friends. Many of us understand that particular loneliness one feels in a crowded room, that isolation from all of those around … More Loneliness

Splashes of joy.

A long time ago when I was going through some stuff my mum bought me a book by Irma Bombeck titled ” Splashes of joy in the cesspool of life” (or very close to that) and it has stuck with me ever since. Even right after D’s death I knew I had to keep finding … More Splashes of joy.

What can we do ?

This weekend, while most of us relaxed or spent time with our families, at least 12 people in this country will have died by suicide. Each of those people will have left behind family, friends and people who cared about them. All of those left will be feeling confusion, shock and some guilt about what … More What can we do ?